Best Places to Visit in Jammu (2023)

Jammu is the winter capital of a dreamlike Indian union territory; Jammu and Kashmir. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas and on the bank of river Tawi. Jammu is additionally called the city of temples. And there are numerous popular and historical places to visit in Jammu.

Above that, there are both Hindu and Muslim shrines – If Bahu Mata is the presiding deity of Jammu then, the dargah of the Muslim saint Peer Budhan Ali Shah protects the Jammuites.

About Jammu City

Best Places To Visit In Jammu

The city is believed to be originally founded by Raja Jambu Lochan who lived in the 14-century before christ. Someday, when the Raja went out hunting, he witnessed a tiger and a goat drinking water from the same pond. This unusual occurrence made him build a city at this site so that the strong and weak could live together in peace and mutual tolerance.

Eventually, he founded the city after his name “Jambu“. But over time, the name got slightly distorted to “Jammu“.

Jammu has never left behind its old culture and on the other hand, the city shows its unique way of accepting the new western culture. The city is famous for the superior quality basmati rice, aam papad (dried and candied mango peel), milk sweets (barfis), and dry fruits. The Raghunath bazaar and the Hari bazaar are famous marketplaces. These are popular for traditional Dogra jewelry and Kashmiri handicrafts.

How To Reach Jammu?

Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India


By Air: The Jammu airport connects well with nearby places like Srinagar and Leh. Airlines from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc occupy a spot in its airport.

By Train: The city has its own railway station known as Jammu Tawi. The rail network to Jammu is well developed.

By Road: Government and private buses with AC/non-AC coaches can be easily booked both offline and online. Jammu city is 589 Km away from Delhi and 1945 Km from Mumbai. The best way to reach there is with your vehicle or buddy bike. Because it will be convenient and helpful while exploring the city.

Best Time To Visit Jammu city

Best Places in Jammu and Kashmir

Summer (March-May): Jammu’s air temperature may go up to 45 degrees Celsius. The city faces extreme heat and one must avoid summer. In fact, local people settle in Kashmir (the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir) during the summer.

NOTE: Summer is just perfect to save your money. Tickets and hotel rooms will be light on your pockets.

Monsoon (June-September): The city may receive random and heavy rainfall. As a result, there will be humidity, and canceling plans would become a common thing during this time.

Winter (November-February): The best time to visit the city of Jammu. The weather will be calling you out. This is the most popular time among tourists. The air temperature will be just perfect!

NOTE: The minimum temperature may touch 0.9 degrees Celsius during the winter. Pack your warm clothes. And book the tickets and hotels before going there as it is the peak season.

Best Places To Visit In Jammu

Most of the popular and best tourist places in Jammu are temples, historical palaces, market places, and gardens. And the places to visit in Jammu Tawi mentioned in travellingortraveling blog are Amar Mahal, Bahu Fort & Gardens, Jhajjar Kotli, Mubarak Mandi PalaceRaghunath TempleRanbireshwar TemplePeer Kho Cave, Manesar Lake.

#1 Amar Mahal

Tourist Places In India

The Amar Mahal Palace beholds a breathtaking overlooking view of the river Tawi. This grand palace reminds one of France with its sloping roofs and tall towers.

The palace is officially now a museum. The museum is home to the city’s best library of old books and pictures. Furthermore, an entire series of miniatures on the epic Nal-Damayanti is present in the museum.

#2 Bahu Fort & Gardens

Jammu tourist places

It is at a distance of 5 km from the city center. Bahu Fort stands on a rock, overlooking the left bank of the Tawi River. Possibly the ancientest fort and edifice in the city, it was initially built by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago.

The existing fort was more improved and extended by the Dogra ruler; Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In addition, there is a temple that devotes itself to the Hindu goddess Kali. The temple of Mahakali is another name of this temple. A broad terrace gardenBagh-e-Bahu, is present around the fort.

#3 Jhajjar Kotli

Jammu tourist places

Jhajjar Kotli tourist complex is on the banks of the Jhajjar rivulet. It is 35 km from Jammu on the national highway leading towards Srinagar. The crystal clear water of Jajjar draws picnickers in large numbers in the summer months. A tourist cafe, a bar, and a small tourist bungalow are some facilities present here by JKTDC.

#4 Mubarak Mandi Palace

Places to visit in Jammu Tawi

Mubarak Mandi is a unique and royal palace in the city of Jammu, India. Factually, it was the imperial home of the Dogra dynasty’s maharaja until 1925. Later the Maharaja Hari Singh moved to the Hari Niwas Palace in the north of Jammu. The palace is inside the core of the old walled city of Jammu and overlooks the Tawi river.

The palace resembles both Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The Pink Hall present inside the palace houses the Dogra Art Museum. Furthermore, it features a gold-painted bow and arrow of the Mughal emperor; Shah Jahan.

#5 Raghunath Temple


Positioned in the heart of the city and surrounded by several other temples, this temple, dedicated to Lord Rama is outstanding and unique in Northern India.

Initially, Maharaja Gulab Singh began the construction of the Raghunath mandir complex in 1851. It was left to his son and successor, Ranbir Singh, to inaugurate it six years later. The complex houses an upscale collection of ancient texts and manuscripts. Gold sheets cover the inner walls of the main temple on three sides.

#6 Ranbireshwar Temple

Tourist Places in Jammu Tawi

Temple’s location is on Shalimar Road near the New Secretariat. And was built by Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1883 Anno Domini. Ranbireshwar Temple devotes itself to Lord Shiva or Mahadeva.

It has one prominent ‘Lingam’ (seven and a half feet tall) and twelve tiny Shiva ‘Lingams’ of crystal. In addition, galleries with thousands of Shiva ‘Lingams’ on stone slabs. It is the other well-known Shiva temple in Jammu.

#7 Peer Kho Cave

Jammu Tawi

Peer Kho Cave is alongside the same Tawi river. The cave temple worships Lord Shiva. It is vastly accepted that the Ramayan character; Jamvant (the bear god) meditated in this cave. And that’s why it is popular with the name “Jamvant Cave”.

#8 Manesar Lake

Jammu City

Mansar Lake is 62 km from Jammu. Mansar is a pleasing lake bordered by woodland-covered slopes. It extends one mile and is half a mile wide. Besides being among the popular places to visit in Jammu, it is also a sacred place that is a reflection of the legend and holiness of Lake Mansarovar.

Lake is additionally ideal for boating for which the Tourism Department provides adequate facilities. Due to the religious beliefs and heritage behind it, Mansar Lake is getting famous among the tourists with all its flora & fauna.

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Read FAQs

The best time to visit Jammu is during the winter (November-February). Expect pleasant air temperature and calling you out kind of weather during this time.

Both summer and monsoon must be avoided. During summer (March-May), there is extreme heat and air temperature may go up to 45 degrees Celsius. But for the best hotel deals, you can consider summer.

During monsoon (June-September), the city receives random and heavy rainfall. As a result, there will be humidity.

Most of the popular and best tourist places in Jammu are temples, historical palaces, market places, and gardens.

Some of the places to visit in Jammu Tawi are Amar Mahal, Bahu Fort & Gardens, Jhajjar Kotli, Mubarak Mandi PalaceRaghunath TempleRanbireshwar TemplePeer Kho Cave, Manesar Lake, and many more.

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