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In Short,

Hey, I am Urvi Soni! and I’m obsessed with traveling the world (particularly those mountains), meeting new people, and getting lost with my camera as much as possible. I’ve been traveling since I was a child and decided to take a chance and switch careers from being a studious introvert to be a full-time traveler.

Uncut, Welcome to my little corner of travellingortraveling.com here. I actually don’t know where to start but let’s dive deep into my colorful childhood. So I was born in a middle-class family and I am from Rajasthan, India.

Just like every Indian middle-class family teaches their child, to be either a doctor or an engineer, I was told the same. And being an innocent and good girl, I chose the doctor out of it! Yeah, our daughter will be a doctor (my parents were so happy).

I grew up and took the science stream that included Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The subjects a person appearing for a medical entrance exam usually chooses in India. But as soon as I got out of high school, I realized that what I always dreamed of is having the money after becoming a doctor and spending them all on my travel expenses.

Some months later, I had a talk with myself where I stated that why do I even need to be a doctor to travel the world? And the answer that my mind gave me was, “then how?”

How Do I Become a Full-Time Traveler?, Said Mind

Just like we search everything on google I did the same! I read many articles on how to be a full-time traveler and got many ways but, the ones I liked the most were “blogging” and “vlogging”. I was like, this is it! I am going to chase my dream and that’s what I m doing 😉

Did My Family Support Me?

No, it usually doesn’t happen easily but once you start chasing your dream with that determination, they will never ask you to move back. They started asking me about my next trips and how my blog is going. They wanted to know what you guys are saying or how you all are interacting. They were glad to hear that people are loving my work.

Did I Know “Blogging”?

I had no idea about a blog, blog post, or anything related to blogging. I was just saying that I want to be a blogger after completing my Higher Secondary Education in the Science stream. During that time, Google our god helped me learn slowly. I got many amazing people during this journey and they helped me move forward toward my dream life.

I would never want my reader to suffer the same kind of confusion. That’s why, I have shared my knowledge about what is a travel blog in simple words. Enjoy!

How Did I Start?
  • Started reading more about blogging.
  • Reached out to people with the same interests.
  • Started my own blog.
  • Started writing blog posts and did some courses.
  • Kept on learning from others.
  • Observed how people write their content.
  • And till today, I am still learning and getting better every day.
Did I Quit Everything I Was Doing?

Nope, told you I have a middle-class Indian family. I didn’t blame them or hated them for not supporting me because they were right in their perspective, it is not easy and risk-free to chase your dream, especially in a creative field.

But I wanted to do it anyway and you may call me a stubborn or passionate person. So I joined a bachelor’s course; BSc Honors in Horticulture because I used to love science and especially Biology. I took those four years to learn more and become a better version of myself. I started many blogs and that’s how I chased my dream plus compromised and managed to impress my family.

This is how a normal passionate girl like me with the Earth in her head became a travel blogger. In case, you have any queries or questions related to blogging or anything, feel free to write me anytime.

What’s My Travel Style?

Travel for me is about education, enjoying the moment, and meeting new people. That’s why I usually like to travel with my bestie and we together form beautiful bonds with others. I know when we are with a known person we don’t actually connect with others. But for me and my bestie, we love interacting with others whenever we travel.

When we talk about my travel style, I try to focus on good value travel, which doesn’t always mean cheap, it means getting the most out of what you spend and the trip you plan. Sometimes I book fancy hotels because I want a treat, other times I book cheap hotels to explore the real place, and the remaining time, I go camping with a little bit of adventure.

What to Expect on This Site?

I mostly write about tourist places because not many people who love traveling have plenty of time for trekking, hiking, and adventure. There’s no particular niche like beaches, hill stations, or culture as I think life is candid. I believe, a person who loves beaches would also love to travel to the hill stations. For more information related to our goals, niche, history, and others please check the about us page.

In case the name of my blog is also confusing you, you may check out Which is correct, Travelling or Traveling? for better understanding. After reading my posts, many of my friends came up with doubts about the name. I thought, why not let’s write a blog post about it 😉

Thanks for reading, I am hoping that you find some helpful and informative stuff on this blog and would be able to make the best out of your every trip to somewhere in this beautiful world 😉

You can connect with me on socials for day-to-day updates on my travels and life.

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Be happy and travel safely!

– Urvi Soni