Top 14 Places to Visit in Kullu Valley

Best Places to Visit in Kullu

Kullu is a beautiful place with many names like “Valley of Gods” and the “Silver Valley”. It was once known as Kulanthpitha, “the end to the livable world”. As beyond its borders loomed majestic Greater Himalayas and by River Beas sprawled the valley. This area has retained its traditional charm and simplicity over a long … Read more

Top 10 Places in Manali to Visit in 2023

Top 12 Places In Manali to Visit

Manali, a historic town, lies in the lap of the Kullu Valley. Encircled by mountains at arm’s length, Manali’s major boon is its adjacency to the snowline. This lovely valley is distant from the heat and dust. There are magnificent and several places in Manali to visit. It is an ideal location for honeymooners, a … Read more